Josef Šnejdárek - Co jsem prožil
After Mrs. Katharine Anna Wittmann
Chapter of the book Wittmann family

Selected wooden statues on permanent loan to the Slovak National Gallery by the Wittmann family:


I.W.S promotional folder, the thirties of the twentieth century

Dairy product labels, the thirties of the twentieth century

Promotional postcards


visualization of the new dairy 1947-48 drive-in and the old dairy plant 1939 listing of warehouses and
cheese manufacturing sites
Vojtech Wittmann observing
cheese production 1920
announcement of milk rationing after
(Photo caption: today a ration
allowance for adults also)
Aryanizator's letterhead
and the original
I. Wittmann & Zwick, cooperation 1932 - 1935 historical picture, 1939

Home of the Wittmann family, 1934

family home 1934 family home 1934 family home 1934  
family home 1934 Fresco gift intended for President Beneš,
     because of the war years not delivered     
(Očová folk embroidery)
water jug exhibited in Zvolen chronicles
in 1993, shown in its original home in 1945
water jug - today in Zvolen museum